In mining industry, the water treatment is essential so the environmental goals are fulfilled – without extra costs. OWAZONE is tailored specifically for each customer to enable closed-loop water circulation and waste water treatment that meets the demands of environmental legislation. In practice, the concept includes waste water treatment to potable water by removal of impurities and recirculation of water back to the process with advanced and resource-efficient technologies. Owatec has experience from different kinds of waste water stream evaporation pilots.


 We have solutions for:

  • Closed water circulation
  • Metal removal and recovery
  • Cyanide oxidation
  • Sulphate removal
  • Solid removal
  • And more

If your mine has problems that have not yet ready made solutions, it is not a problem to us. With our innovative ideas, we can create new solutions and confirm their functionality.

Be in contact and we will help you solve your problems.